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We do more than build financial plans, we construct Financial Life Plans. They keyword is “life.” If your financial roadmap doesn’t reflect you, your tendencies, and your life, how can it be effective?

Our Process uses three steps to develop a Financial Life Plan that helps you make better financial decisions. First, we clarify your goals and uncover tendencies that might get in the way. Next, we empower you to meet your goals. Lastly, we partner with you on your journey.


Team Duncan brings clarity and purpose to your Financial Life Plan. Together, through our Discovery Experience, we’ll explore:

  • Your values and life goals and whether or not the two are aligned
  • How your internal money script and personal biases impact your financial decision making
  • Your core desired feeling
  • What your version of end-goal satisfaction looks and feels like


After reaching clarity on your goals, you can take empowered action. Empowered action means behaving in a way that creates your core desired feeling. When you achieve your core desired feeling, you know you’re reaching your goal.

The empowerment step keeps you grounded and aligned when making financial decisions by training your attention on always progressing towards your core desired feeling. This singular focus will keep financial planning from feeling nebulous and detached from your current state and life situations and help you achieve more satisfaction along the journey so that you don’t have to wait for happiness to come along in the distant future… someday… when you are retired.


When your Financial Life Plan is monitored and facilitated by a trusted partner, your chance for success increases significantly. We are available to you when and where you need us, adding confidence to your journey. As a partner, we’re there to discuss ideas, help you crunch numbers, investigate options, and offer you tools to expand your freedom, joy, and prosperity, as defined by you.

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