Investing Money That Exceeds Your Emergency Savings

Busy professional couples and families become enmeshed in their daily lives, juggling responsibilities and doing the best they can with the time, energy, and money they have as life seems to fly by in front of their eyes.  What may be slipping through the cracks through their overwhelm is the confidence that their money is working for them, invested and employed to meet their goals and work toward their vision of a successful and satisfying life. 

Beyond the practicality of an emergency savings bucket for short-term needs and wants, investing dollars is an imperative tool for building wealth. 


Investing offers benefits that are grounded in financial principles and sound logic.


There are heart-centered reasons to make investing a priority.


The Practical Reasons To Invest


Compound Returns: Unlocking Long-Term Growth

The power of compound interest is a fundamental concept in investing. By reinvesting the returns earned on your investments, your money grows exponentially over time. This compounding effect can significantly enhance your wealth, allowing you to achieve financial goals that may have seemed out of reach with just simple savings.

Beating Inflation: Safeguarding Your Purchasing Power

Inflation erodes the purchasing power of your money over time. By investing, you have a better chance of outpacing inflation and preserving the value of your wealth. Unlike savings, which may stagnate due to low-interest rates, investing positions your money to keep up with or even outpace the rising cost of living.

Accelerating Your Financial Goals

Investing allows you to achieve your long-term financial goals faster and more efficiently. It employs money as a tool. Whether it’s buying a home, funding your child’s education, or attaining financial independence, the potential for higher returns through investing can expedite your journey toward these milestones.


The Heart-Centered Case for Investing

Beyond the practical and logical reasons, a more soulful component of investing taps into our deeper aspirations for a meaningful life.  By harnessing the emotional energy behind the logical decision to invest money, you may be more inspired to embrace a profound connection to your financial decisions.

Reflect on the energy of the following words and concepts about investing. Become aware of how these ideas feel to you.


Building Wealth

The very notion of the word “wealth” carries uplifting and bountiful energy. Wealth Planning-  or Planning for Wealth– inspires images of ourselves with plenty, having a fortune, and the means to make choices.  When we build wealth, we employ our resources (time & money) to create prosperity. We feel secure, even free to do what we want to do when we want to do it.

Being Opportunistic

Investing is an opportunity to grow, thrive and infuse enthusiasm into our financial endeavors. Embracing the optimism and excitement that comes with the choice to invest for growth can make the journey to financial security and freedom all the more rewarding.

Having a Vision

Investing for efficient capital growth means you are taking action toward achieving your interpretation of a meaningful and purposeful life.  You have created a clear mental picture allowing you to invest in your ideal outcome.  By investing to achieve a vision, we take proactive steps toward the life we want to lead, experiencing a sense of fulfillment as we progress closer to our dreams.

In Flow

View money as a flowing resource, like the breath.  Money comes in (income) and flows out (expenses) as a natural cycle. Embracing this flow allows us to live in the present and experience the cycles of our cash flow with fewer restrictive feelings that create financial worries.


Journal Prompt: Discovering the Balance

Take some time to reflect on the concept of investing your money and how this is influenced by both logic and intuition. Engage in a conversation with your partner to explore these aspects of your financial journey together:

  • How does investing align with your financial goals?
  • In what ways do saving and investing feel different to you? How do these feelings shape your financial choices?
  • How can you align your financial investments to bring more satisfaction to your life? To accomplish your big vision?
  • If you continue to think of investing this way, how might that shift your relationship with money over time?


By exploring the interplay between the practical and soulful aspects of investing, you can strike a HarMoney-ous balance that empowers you to achieve financial success while nurturing your inner aspirations and dreams. Team Duncan Financial is here to help you navigate this journey, providing expert advice and support to make your financial goals a reality. Contact us today for your free Discovery Experience!

Post by Amy Duncan

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