Money Mindfulness Meditation

Welcome to Your New Relationship with Money!

Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and call light to yourself. See or feel, imagine, know, sense or even pretend that the light is all around you. This is the Light of enlightenment, the light that is often pictured by artists around the heads of saints and angels. Breathe in this light and imagine your lungs filling with light. See yourself filled with light and surrounded by light.

Imagine the light like a bubble all around you. This is your personal energy field. When you called light to yourself, your energy field held that light and expanded that light-filled bubble all around you. Expand that light even more and as you do, notice that it allows you to relax. And as you relax, notice that the bubble expands even more, again.

Now imagine that your bubble, your light, expands even more until the room you are in is filled with light. Imagine this light going behind the room until the building you are in is surrounded by light. Imagine that you are in the center of that bubble of light, the locus, or center, of a sphere of light.

Keep allowing your awareness—and with it, your bubble of light—to expand until you reach a degree of expansion that feels good. This might be just above the tops of the trees, or above the tops of the nearest tall buildings. Or it could be that you feel best when your field is all the way out to the edge of the atmosphere—or all the way out in space. Whatever expansion your field reaches that feels good to you is the right amount of expansion.

Now imagine that, somehow, with you at the center of your field, your field holds your life. Your home, your children, if you have them, a partner or spouse or significant other, and any extended family. Imagine your field holds your pets, your friends, your hobbies and recreations. And imagine your field holds your job or career.

Allow your imagination to expand, to be with all of who you are and what you are about. Imagine that you see this or feel it, you hear some note, rhythm, or melody, faintly, that is the pulse of your life. Now imagine that there is an energy that runs through all of it, an energy that fills and supports, that ebbs and flows.

This is the energy of money.

This energy is a tool. You may feel some emotion arise as you become aware of this tool. You might imagine that there are stories—some that belong to you, some that belong to others—that come to mind when you think of this tool. Allow these stories to gather like fog above the landscape of your life and float off.

You are learning how to work with the tool of money. You are learning how to work with the energy of support, the energy of choice.

In the past, you may have allowed your perception of this tool to become a persona—and you may have inadvertently become that persona. Let that go. Release any notion that this tool, this energy that flows through so much of your life, somehow determines anything about who you are. Instead, imagine money as an energy of support, of choice, and, therefore, a wonderful tool.

Imagine yourself gaining clarity and confidence about this tool. Imagine yourself using this tool with confidence, becoming conscious of this tool and how it can support you. Imagine becoming more and more relaxed as this tool flows into and throughout your life—and you develop greater awareness, greater skill, and greater confidence in your ability to support its flow as it supports you.

Imagine feeling confidant and relaxed in your body as you perform the tasks you have resolved to perform with this tool. Can you feel that now? Breathe in even more light and imagine that, today, you are making a choice to update your view of yourself and this energy, this tool, of money, to feel confidant and relaxed more of the time and allow that feeling to translate to your behavior. You are making a choice that will manifest internally with you feeling more comfortable and confidant, and manifest externally as your prosperity and abundance grow.

Notice how expanded your field is. Notice the light in you and all around you. Take a deep breath and realize the commitment you are making to yourself. Notice how good it feels to make that commitment to yourself. You don’t have to do something to be ready for this commitment. You don’t have to achieve anything or somehow qualify. You are here, ready to allow your experience of the tool of money to be more in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want to express with your presence in the world.

Good. Now take a couple deep breaths and let all of that go. Begin bringing your focus back, from however expanded your field became, whether just outside the room or all the way out in space, gradually, a bit at a time, to our galaxy, if you went far away, to our solar system, back to the planet, back to your state, back to your city, back to the building you are in, back to your body and the position you chose for yourself, back to this day, this time. Good. Take a couple of deep breaths and settle within your body. Feel your arms and legs, center and ground to your pelvis and your low belly. And when you are ready, open your eyes, return to the room, feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go on with your day.

I collaborated with a professional Intuitive Coach, Fran Gallaher of Really Flourish, to create this Money Mindfulness Meditation.

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