What Separates Financial Life Planning from Financial Planning

What Separates Financial Life Planning from Financial Planning


My hope is that every client that walks through our door, chooses to engage in a Financial Life Planning relationship with Team Duncan Financial. This refined process is designed to deliver freedom to clients’ lives and allow them to live in integrity with who they really are and what matters most to them. The decision to partner with us to craft a life of passion, purpose, integrity and freedom may be the single most important commitment our clients will ever make.

About the EVOKE™ process of Financial Life Planning:

Known for revolutionizing the field of financial advice, George Kinder founded the Kinder Institute of Life Planning in 2003. George is widely recognized as the “Father of Life Planning”. I am currently enrolled in a mentorship program which is the final training phase required to obtain The Kinder Institute’s prestigious Registered Life Planner, RLP®, designation.

I intentionally chose this path and designation as a result of engaging in the EVOKE™ Life Planning process, myself, answering the higher call of my own Life Plan and honoring the torch that was lit inside of me, as a result. I am passionately inspired to serve my clients and earn the distinction of trusted Advisor which is only possible through facilitating a more meaningful connection that goes beyond the average Financial Advisor/Client relationship. Yes, while it is true that I am a Certified Financial Planner ™ (CFP®) Professional, I’ve come to understand that the addition of the Registered Life Planner® designation will allow me to ‘fill in the gaps’ that exist in the CFP® Board’s financial planning process. Why? To add LIFE to the traditional projections and pie-charts style planning that many Advisors employ merely as a product sales tool. Instead, our plan is about YOUR LIFE. This is why it is called Financial Life Planning.

What do clients get from a Financial Life Planning engagement?

EXPLORATION – VISION – OBSTACLES- EVO, The first 3 meetings in the EVOKE™ Financial Life Planning process

Foremost, the Financial Life Planning process offers clients clarity around what is most important to them. Additionally, clients will achieve an understanding of the prioritization they currently place on the most essential elements to leading a fulfilled life, and the inspiration and energy to act and bring about those essential elements together in their present life.

In client engagements, I want to stimulate wisdom, wild creativity, connection, and what George Kinder calls, entrepreneurial spirit. None of these are fostered by data gathering or data organization questionnaires, but by deep and brilliant relationships.

KNOWEDGE – EXECUTION- KE, The second phase of creating your Financial Life Plan occurs in the remaining 3 meetings

Knowledge & Execution is where the analysis, data and numbers come out. Your money and your time are your tools to achieve your most important goals. The financial part of your life plan will be addressed through: Projections, Asset Alignment, Risk Management, Financial Education, Execution and Financial Organization.

As life unfolds, it is our intention to offer the advice, management, service and tools to partner with you in navigating all of the important financial decisions and your ever-changing plans and developing goals. When we commit to working with you, Team Duncan Financial is committing to being there for you for the long-haul.

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